Any Natural Pet Remedies For Cat’s Eye Problems?

We have adopted a couple of stray kittens. They at first seemed to have a cold in both eyes or possible irratation due to fly bites. However, now it looks like that in one of the kittens it has gotten worse. They always seem to have tears or puss like substance coming from there eyes. Today one of the kittens had one eye matted shut that I forced opened to look into so I could see what was going on in that area and there seemed to be some puss. It is almost like they have “pink eye”. I can’t afford to take them to the vet right now since I just started this new job but will if I have no other way to make them well. Does anyone have an idea of what this can be? It does seem to be contagious since two of them had it first then a week later the other had it. They were found in two different places so they are not from the same mother. I thought about maybe using some type of antibiotic cream like Neosporen, would this hurt them? Please help!


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