Any Quality Wet Foods for Cats With Urinary Tract Problems?

My cat had have a blockage removed last month. He was found to have struvite crystals.

The vet sent me home with some Royal Canin S/O Uretic wet. She said he should stay on the prescription food for all his life.

Now, feeding my cat this stuff has been hard, as he has always had the best of the best. Wysong, Wellness, Castor & Pollux, etc.

Previously I had him on half wet food half dry. I am fully committed to him being 100% wet food for life, but I really hate that Royal Canin is the top of the line in terms of prescription wet foods. Byproducts are gross… I hate opening the can.

I am currently mixing quality wet food in with the prescription food. But I can’t believe that there is nothing available that is better then it.

Anyone found anything? Or does anyone know what is in the prescription food that dissolves the crystals? I mix OnlyNaturalPets Urinary Tract liquid into his food, along with missing link, but I just wish I didn’t have to use the Royal Canin.


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