Does My Dog Have Skin Allergies?

My Chihuahua mix, Simba, has these things really disgusting scab on the body! We took him to the vet and the vet said it was skin allergies. He gave a shot of Simba, and said one week from there, we should give him the small white pills. They were in a little Ziploc bag, and they said to the dog food once a day for one week, then after one week, feeding him every other day.

Dog Have Skin AllergiesSo, the dog skin allergies has not done better and we took him back after the pill has failed, and the vet said he still has skon allergies. . . He gave us more pills, and gave another shot. The vet also gave us pet shampoo. He said that we must give him a bath with her twice a week. The pills are almost gone now, and we did as instructed, but now the body of the tribe is almost entirely covered in scabs! He licked, and then remove the fur, and eat. When I pet him on his back, he starts to get itchy, and scratching. There are also some of these weird scabs on his belly, too, many of them are around his weenie / you know what! They have dry skin which is yellow, all around gross scab, and every day it seems to me just to get worse and worse!

Do you think the vet is right? Or do you think it’s something else? Oh, and Simba chips about a year ago, but there was no sign of them since then, and it started around the beginning of the summer. And the vet did not take samples of skin, he looked, and watched. Thank you!


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