Dog Ear Mite – How to Get Rid of Them

Did you notice that your dog starts obsessively scratching his ears? Does he shake his head often and squeal? He probably have dog ear mite.

Dog ear mites are a little parasitic bug that lives their lives on your dog. They eat your dog’s blood, epidermis and earwax. And when they are prepared, the mite female will lay three egg in your dog’s ear wax every day. Within 3 weeks, the nymphs are enough big and prepared to mate, and the process starts again.

The waste of ear mite is a thick, sticky, dark build up in the ear or at the base of the dog tail. It can cause a sensitivity and serious allergic reactions in your dog. This reaction includes swelling, bleeding, pain and discomfort in the common place of infestation. If left untreated, the ear mites can gradually crack through the eardrum. This could cause serious infections and even hearing problems.

Dog Ear Mite Symptoms

The most apparent indication of dog ear mite infection is continuous, focused scratching of the ear. Your dog may also growl, squeal or howl in discomfort as he does this. He may also tremble his head intensely in an attempt to loosen up the waste filed in his ears.

Dog Ear MiteIf you check-up of your dog ears, you will see that the ear canal is red and inflamed. Also you will see a black and sticky discharge. This discharge also have an unpleasant smell. Dog ear mites will invade other places of his body. During check-up look for ear mite waste and clean that place accurately if it is affected.

Dog Ear Mite Treatment

Dog Ear Mites could be easily wrongly diagnosed as candidiasis or other types of dog ear infections. Treatment for candidiasis, for example, will be worthless for ear mite treatment. Before starting any kind of dog ear mite treatment you must be sure and have your dog examined by the vet.

The dogs suffering from ear mites can be treated on an out-patient basis with drugs developed to reduce the mites. As dog mites are very contagious, all other animals in the same household must be treated and the surroundings must be very accurately cleaned. Mites do not live long away from the dog’s body, so an accurate housekeeping should be enough.

Your dog ears should be accurately cleaned with a commercial ear cleaner that is developed particularly for dogs. Ear mite antibiotics must be used for 7–10 days to reduce mites and all his eggs. And to be sure you kill all mites you must repeat of the treatment around two weeks later. Also flea treatments must be used to the rest whole dog’s body for removal of ectopic mites.

Dog Ear Mite Natural Treatment

As ear mite infections are very often treated with antibiotics, serious and repeated ear mite infections are big and growing problem and usually happen with reduced immune functioning – a frequent complication of antibiotic drugs.

Herbal remedies can prevent and treat ear mite infections without any of the side reactions and negative results on immune functioning that antibiotics used for dog ear mite treatment can cause.

Maintaining stability and harmony in your dog ear and keeping the ears clean is so important in assisting to keep your dog’s ears problem-free. Fortunately, there is much that can be done to avoid all this dog ear mite problems.


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