Dog Had an Ear Problem?

My dog was a 12 months old she has had an ear problem.
She shakes her head and yelps, tilts her head, sits on the sofa all day, and she hates going outdoors within the morning(we predict the cold hurts her head).
We preserve taking her to the vet but they maintain saying the same factor, give her these medicens, go this vet strive that vet. ect ect ect.
We have tryed every medican potential for ear problems. we went to the reguler vet, the hollistic vet, the surgey ppl (four animals) and she has had it sence she was 1 and now she is 5. I would like my dog back! plz help!! I would prefer sugestions that you’ve used or heard that works.
We clear out her ear atleast three times a week, she doesn’t have ear mites, and we ahve gone to nearly every vet within the area, and we have tryed all thing possible!
O ya.. we additionally changed her food and restricted wat else she eats.
Began out comming again every three mts however now it is by no means ending and she hurts really dangerous and we just do not know wat to do..


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