Dog Kidney Problems?

When I got out of the shower this morning, I noticed that my dog had knocked over my coffee table and dried up a small bottle of eye drops for contacts. I immediately took to my vet. They did a CBC W / profile and an examination of stool. When I picked up my vet told me he needed to talk to me because they found something on my little boy.

On the blood level testing BUN was 30 and they said normal was 7-25. They told me that his kidney problems and had sold me Azodyl and K / D food for pets. They said that I need to spend $ 70 a month to give him these pills twice a day every day for the rest of his life. He is very picky, pockets pill does not work, peanut butter and bread does not work. It takes me about 20 minutes to put it in his mouth and make him a yellow. He holds in his mouth until I force the water in. I hate doing that.

Can you identify renal disease with a test? Do I get a second opinion? If my reimbursement of veterinary medicine if he was wrong and not do more test? I am currently feeding my well-being of dogs and do not care for Science Diet, because it contains corn meal for my dogs Glueten knowledge can not easily digest so, how would that help dog kidney problems when he cannot even digest it?

The only test they have done with the CBC blood profile and stool examination. I’m really upset about it and he was extremely stressed by the journey by car, he hates, and he was terrified at the VET. He gets stressed very easily. He has an appointment next Wednesday and I intended to give him the medicine so it is in the same condition when I made today under the drops in his belly.


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