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How Can I Express My Dogs Anal Glands Internally?

I must take my dog to the vet once a month for expressing his anal glands internally. Everywhere I look on the web, it tells me that you can learn to do at home, but he never says how. I wonder how, if you tell me how or recommend a place for learning. I have a strong stomach and be able to handle the smell.

 How Can I Express My Dogs Anal Glands Internally?

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  1. Mastiff Mommy says:

    Wow I would ask my vet or vet tech if they can show me. . . Good luck:)

  2. Here are some links below. I would first like to take your dog to the vet the next time to get the bags anal expressed, and ask the technician or veterinarian to show you. Then all the questions you may have about it, you can ask them right away. It is important to actually see the discharge so you know what is normal and what may be a sign of a serious slowdown and infection. They can check after expressing the bags to see if they are completely empty. Good luck!

  3. Shira Remillard says:

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