My Cat Has Problems With His Ears?

I have a male 14 months Moggy called Nemo who has had some problems with his ears over the last 6 month. Nemo has been in and out of two different veterinarians in the city I live, although nobody can seem to say What is wrong with him.

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The problems with his ears began six months ago when I noticed small, black, wax like things in his ears, his ears were also very red and painful research with crusts. I thought it was ear mites and took him to the vet immediately, even though our vet ruled out ear mites, it is protected as such by its treatment of fleas (lawyer) they gave him given an antibiotic and a steroid injection and a plastic collar to prevent him from scratching his ears encore.

Environ two weeks after his sharp ears and took the collar / cone out of it. A few days later, his ears were red, bloody and painful again and I took him to the vet. The vet, again, gave him an antibiotic and a steroid injection and the plastic collar is back on him. Two weeks later, her ears had cleared up and I removed the clamp and after a few days, he scratched his ears and they ended up with red, painful and bloody encore.

Cela has now disappeared for the last four months, with visits to the vet every 2-3 weeks, although the vet treats his ears, when the plastic collar falls off, and he scratches his ears are red and painful again. I have since taken to a veterinarian for a second different view and they do not know what is causing this. It has been suggested by a friend to me that changing your diet can help. Since I changed the Nemo food, and he is now on Arden Grange dry food, white fish and potatoes for sensitive skin. It was on this for 10 days and it does not seem to have helped.

Some ideas? I do not know what else to do, he is constantly in and out of vets, who do not know what is wrong with him and I do my best but nothing seems helping.

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