Suggested Foods For Feline Urinary Tract Syndrome?

Does anyone have a recommendation food for cats with health problems recurring urinary tract? And I hate that crap Purina and Science Diet to their prescription foods. . . And it is always suggested that veterinarians! Does anyone know what is really in the “prescription” food that is supposed to work???


I am having the problem specifically with my big male cats? I did my research after another cat of ours had to undergo surgery PU (AKA the sex change for cats). . . found what I thought was the best food for urinary tract health (Wellness Core – high protein, low carbohydrate / grain, low magnesium, no ash) and now my youngest. . . which has not yet reached one year has passed a partial obstruction.

Also I hear many positive things about this herbal supplement from PetAlive UTI-Free Natural Pet Remedy for cats and dogs urinary tract health.  Opinions and suggestions please??

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