Help My Dog Lose Weight

Before we talk about how to help your dog lose weight let’s discuss the aspects what can cause your dog to become obese.

There are a variety of different aspects that can cause a dog to become obese. Overindulgence of the pet owner plays a major aspect of pet being overweight. Everyone who loves his dog wants make him happy, and sometimes an additional bowl of kibble does the trick. Some dog breeds are prone to eat fast and that’s way they more likely are at risk to become overweight. Furthermore, basic poor eating routines and a sedentary lifestyle will outcome in an obese dog.

Why Dog Lose Weight is Important?

Like people, extreme body weight in dogs can cause some health issues like diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease. Research has shown that 25% of obese dogs suffer from serious joint pain which in the end leads to lower activity, further leading to a lots of other health issues. Overweight dogs are found to have much shorter life expectations than healthier dogs. It is very important to take care of your dog body weight problems before it becomes out of control.

Dog Lose Weight How to tell that your dog needs to lose weight?

To knowing whether your dog is obese or not you have to look at its ribs. You have to feel your dog’s ribs when they are standing, and based on the dog bread, you have to see your dog’s ribs during exercise. And if you still not sure whether your dog is obese, ask the vet to provide you with a good body weight range for your dog and an evaluation of his whole health condition.

More than 40% of US dog owners have an overweight dog. That is a large numbers, but fortunately there are some simple to follow, basic actions you can take to help your dog lose weight in a healthy and simple ways.

1. Visit the Vet

Before making any changes to your dog diet plan, visit your vet for consultation so that an overall check-up of your dog health can be taken. Keep a simple notes of your dog’s sleeping time, how much he eats, and playing routines before you go to help your vet identify what may be resulting in any excess weight.

2. Look Over Your Dog’s Diet

Decreasing the quantity of food your dog consumes may be the key to reducing his body weight. Dog owners should take measure of how much food they feed their dog consistently and then set an objective for reducing that quantity by a certain time frame. With help of your vet you must figure out how much food your dog needs every day and gradually decrease the quantity of food over an appropriate period of time. The Dog Pause Bowl, that limit the open area in the dog bowl, are wary useful both for stopping down dogs who eat their food fast and for clearly displaying how much dog food is in the bowl.

Also you can ask your vet to suggest some of the dog weight loss food. These kind of dog foods are usually low in fat, but high in fibber, enabling your dog to feel full while taking in less calorie consumption. When looking for low-calorie dog foods, look for one with have at least 25% raw proteins. This will make sure your dog’s muscular huge continues to be unchanged throughout weight-loss.

3. Set Your Dog Feeding Times

Dogs like stability and of a routine. They may have become used to getting their food whenever you come back home. In this situation, they have associated your attention with time their getting food. To help your dog reduce weight, try establishing out two feeding times, one every morning hours and another at evening. This should help them eat more slowly two times a day.

4. Don’t Reward Your Dog With Food Alone

As you lover on the dog food quantity you feed your dog, your dog may begin to beg or become annoying. Disturb your dog by getting him or her for a walk or doing some activity, playing rather than giving into their begging. This will help them understand that food doesn’t associate with your love. Plus, all obese dogs can use some additional playtime.

The Natural Way to Help Dog Lose Weight

Herbal remedies can be very powerful in assisting body functioning to process food effectively. Supporting hypothyroid and liver organ functioning, maintaining healthy intestinal processes and metabolic rate, and assisting the liver’s ability to process dietary fat will all help to keep those extra pounds off your dog.

Herbal remedies can also help to improve all-round systemic functioning and restore health and energy to dogs. Along with an improved dog lose weight diet and good exercising, natural remedies can help your dog to naturally achieve a proper and balanced weight and enjoy a life full of energy.


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